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Friskis&Svettis Linköping offers a wide variety of training possibilities – individual training in our gyms, group training, spinning, indoor walking and much more. Every week you can choose between more than 40 training disciplines. You can find opening hours for the gym and schedule for group training here.

We have two facilities in Linköping, both located near the city center – Tannefors and Kanonhuset. You find maps to where they are located here.  And you can have a look around in our facilities here.


In Kanonhuset there is a gym (450 m2), a spinning hall and two halls for other group training such as "jympa" (F&S own classic mix of cardio, strength and flexibilty), aerobics, dance classes, boxercise, yoga and much more.


In Tannefors there is a large gym (900 m2), which includes a spacious area for functional training - our fantastic Mutli Hall. You can also find two other halls for group training and a hall for cardio training (spinning and indoor walking).

Friskis&Svettis offers engaging and easily accessible exercise of a high quality for everyone – from the novice to the elite athlete.  Furthermore, we strive towards our vision where "everyone smiles when they think of exercise".






City , från 11/9

Måndag   6.30-21.00    6.45-21.00     6.00-21.00
Tisdag   6.30-21.00     6.45-21.00     6.00-21.00
Onsdag   6.30-21.00     6.45-21.00     6.00-21.00
Torsdag   6.30-21.00     6.45-21.00     6.00-21.00
Fredag   6.30-19.00     6.45-19.00     6.00-19.00
Lördag   9.00-17.00     9.00-16.00     9.00-17.00
Söndag  10.00-20.00    12.00-20.00    10.00-20.00









 Detta är sluttider för träningen, lokalen stänger 15 minuter senare.

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